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External Element Heater for Improved Head Reliability Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010442D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Dec-03
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The addition of a heating element protrudes the read and/or write sensors closer to the disk for read/write operations. In a low flying height environment the ability to control the sensor relative to the disk is critical in order to get good magnetic signal and limit how close to the disk the mechanical slider body is required to fly.

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External Element Heater for Improved Head Reliability

Excitation of an internal or external heating element located close to the read element combined with differential material expansion protrudes the read sensor closer to the disk. In an aggressive low flying height environment a small change is significant. With the sensor closer to the disk, the mechanical slider body can fly further from the interface, giving more clearance and higher mechanical reliability.

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