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Rolling Printer Head Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010447D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Dec-03
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Rolling Printer Head

This disclosure is the printing method by the rotating printer head.

In the inkjet, thermal and dot impact printers, the printing head carry out reciprocating movement on the printing subject. And the printing subject repeats a stop and movement for every printing head movement. In this disclosure method, one or more printing heads are located on the rotating cylinder which carries out constant speed rotation. Furthermore, a printing subject moves in the direction of the axis of rotation of a rotating cylinder at a constant speed, facing the surface of the rotating cylinder.

A gap of the printing position by mutual movement of a head and printed subject is rectified by moving the printing data position on a printing head.

This disclosure method removes the problems which are the mechanical time loss, noise and power consumption caused by the printing head reciprocation and discontinuous movement of the printing subject.

Figure 1 indicates the outline of the rotating head. Figure 2 indicates the outline of the paper sending method. Figure 3 indicates the printing method of this disclosure method. Figure 4 indicates an idea of this disclosured product.

Printing Subject

Axis of Cylinder

Cylinder Rotation

Printing Head

Printing subject has the curve to face the cylinder surface.

Rotating Head

M ovem ent of Printing Subject

Printing Width

Figure 1


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Printing Subject

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