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Hiper lamp with infra red reflective coating Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010467D
Publication Date: 2002-Dec-05
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A High Performance incandescent lamp is generally known for use in automotive applications as an improved alternative to the convenient P21 lamps. The lamps are applied in plastic reflectors having plastic front filters. The characteristics of the high performance lamp are its small dimensions compared to the P21 lamp, and its better-aligned and better-positioned axial filament in the focus of its spherical or elliptical bulb. As a result the required power consumption can be reduced with respect to the P21 lamp from about 25W to 19W.

It is also generally known to use infrared-reflecting coatings to increase the efficacy of halogen incandescent lamps.

The present new lamp is a High Performance lamp which is provided with an IR-reflective coating on its bulb to further increase its efficacy. With its lower lamp power thus required, the heat load on the plastic reflector and front filter is reduced. Thus the advantage is obtained that smaller reflectors and cheaper plastics can be used as reflector and front filter.