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Automated re-connection for a network device which has no console device, during network configuration. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010474D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Dec-06
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Disclosed is a method to avoid from lost-connection at a network configuration from a remote console to a consoleless machine, like NAS (Network Attached Storage), router, modem, and so on.

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  Automated re-connection for a network device which has no console device, during network configuration.

<Method Conventional> The mainstream of the computing connection method is a TCP/IP protocol. The network setting is usually configured by local keyboard and display, because there may be a problem of the setting and fails to reconnect. But a consoleless machine's network configuration must be set by remote client machine through HTTP protocol.

<Problem to be solved> The problem is a connection failure by a network setting miss or a machine trouble. This case takes long time to fix the problem or to get the correct setting. The user must memorize the new network setting or the old one.

<Solution> The new network setting is kept on the machine, not on the remote client machine. The method to resolve the problem is to keep two network settings, old one and new one, on the client machine. When the network connection fails, the program on the consoleless machine tries to reconnect using both settings automatically.

Here is the traditional approach for network configuration through the Internet. (Fig.1)

Fig.1 Method as usual

With regard to the conventional method, server side application, like Servlet, CGI, APS, and so on, is running on the server which should be configured. And some scripts for browse from remote client, like HTML, JavaScript, and so on, are generated by such a server side application. A remote client gets such scripts, makes Input/Output through the panel, which is generated by such scrip...