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Monitoring of Frequency of Visiting Sites Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010501D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Dec-09
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Disclosed is a system designed to allow a user to dynamically append to his or her web site bookmarks/favorites based upon his or her web site visitation habits.

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Monitoring of Frequency of Visiting Sites

Disclosed is a system designed to dynamically append to one's web site bookmarks/favorites. Many times we frequently visit a site and forget to bookmark it . The proposed system aims to dynamically modify one's bookmarks and enhance bookmark management features. The idea is to add a plug-in to Internet browser so that the browser can monitor how many times pages are visited via a local hit monitor. The user will be able to specify that after a page is visited "X" number of times, the browser should ask the user if they would like to bookmark it since it "seems" to be one of their favorites. The user will at that point be able to specify if they do not want to see that option again for the specific web site they are visiting, be able to "defer" bookmarking until another X number of times, or to bookmark the entry at that point.

To implement the system, a hit count will have to be kept track of. When this hit count equals the threshold number of visit times that are specified by the user, the prompt of asking the user to bookmark will be shown and processed if needed.

Disclosed by International Business Machines Corporation