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Real Time Wireless Asset Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010505D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Dec-10
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Real Time Wireless Asset Management

   Disclosed is a system that comprises a combination of various technologies in order to effectively and efficiently manage assets in real time. While the technologies themselves are not unique it is the uniqueness of the combination of all the technologies together that create a unique system. This system comprises a mobile handheld device or a fixed terminal with additional functional features communicating by the wireless spectrum to a web based portal providing a virtual private network ensuring security of user and transmitted data.

This system allows for the accumulation of data and accessing of this data in real time via the wireless spectrum. The assets being managed can be virtually anything provided that each item is uniquely identifiable either by physical description, serial number, registration number, embedded identification number, bar code identifier or other such unique identifier.

By employing a wireless enabled, *Bluetooth equipped handheld/mobile device incorporating either by enclosure or cable teather a bar code scanner and / or a Radio Frequency Identification scanner as well as a Bluetooth equipped printer the user will be capable of performing the operations in conjunction with the correctly coded application software. Non-exhaustive examples of which are the following;

update a database in real time where and as required.

generate labels in real time where and as required.

apply corrections to the databa...