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Long term data trace system for software and hardware events in real time environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010523D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Dec-11
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Disclosed is a method to provide a low cost data trace system which can carry out simultaneous observation for microcode operation and hardware operation in real time system environment over a long time by outputting data set sequence which includes the hardware signal status and the microcode data, then memorizing in an external buffer memory temporarily, and finally treating as software data on PC.

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Long term data trace system for software and hardware events in real time environment

  Problem: In real time system environment, such as tape drive, disk drive, etc., there is a requirement for a failure analysis and for a system evaluation to observe the microcode operation and hardware operation simultaneously. In general, those are asynchronous operations. Therefore, understanding of the time relationship between them is required to proceed the failure analysis. It's also required to handle huge amount of the data in series.

Target Board


Address/Data Bus, Control Lines

Debug port

Measurement ASIC

S/W Data

H/W Signal

Equipment (ex. Logic Analyzer)


Need expensive measurement equipment, Need huge amount memory in measurement equipment Need space to set equipment

Figure 1. Conventional method to observe software and hardware operation

Figure 1 shows a conventional method. The measurement equipment such as a logic analyzer system has provided the simultaneous observation by capturing the signal output from the ASIC ports and the MPU bus. However, it requires a large number of probe pins and the cost of the equipment is expensive. Moreover, if a long time observation is required, expensive memory extension is mandatory. Otherwise the long term observation can not be done. It resulted in inefficiency for the analysis.



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Trace Data Set from ASIC

Each data set content and numbe