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Manufacturing of PCB integrated planar transformers

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010542D
Publication Date: 2002-Dec-13
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Manufacturing of PCB integrated planar transformers

    Planar transformers using many windings in the PCB can be made using one small PCB to make a single planar transformer. In case the planar transformer is integrated in a large PCB, the whole PCB becomes very expensive as a result of the many layers needed for the transformer and in most cases not for the other components. Similarly postprocessing a PCB to make the planar transformer is also very expensive.

    The disadvantages described can be overcome by building the integrated planar transformer via standard PCB technology with a limited number of layers and add the extra layers needed via another small standard PCB with these extra layers to complete the number of layers needed. This small PCB or ceramic substrate can for instance be provided with solder balls for the reflow interconnect to the main board and can be processed as a standard SMD component. The solder ball interconnect can also be made on the main PCB. The interconnect between the PCB's can also be made like a castellation type.

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