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High Performance Lenses/HID Refractors and Fluorescent Tubes From SOLLX TM Resins Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010543D
Publication Date: 2002-Dec-13

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Lighting lenses and refractors used on HID (high intensity discharge) fixtures are exposed to elevated temperatures and high levels of UV light. The UV irradiation combined with the elevated temperature often causes resin degradation in these lenses and refractors, resulting in discoloration and the loss of their ductility. In many cases, it is desirable that the refractors are resistant to breakage. Breakage can come from either accidental impact from such objects as broom handles, malicious impacts as in the case of stones from vandals or from impacts from gunshots. We have developed resin for refractor products that provide improved resistances to UV light while at the same time maintain high levels of impact strength.