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Intelligent Panel Scrolling Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010587D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Dec-19
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A program is provided that the scrolling speed is adjusted automatically, based on how much information is on the physical screen or panel, in order to make it easy to overview a whole logical screen or panel.

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Intelligent Panel Scrolling

Recently portable devices, such as cellular phones, are more and more popular. Some devices have screens but the screen size is usually very limited. On the other hand, many applications were created, assumed desktop displays. It would be a big effort to change all applications for small screen.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to scroll the screen vertically or horizontally to overview a whole logical screen on limited physical screen. This scrolling work might be irritating and take a quite long time. One of the important things is how to make this overview as easily and quickly as possible.

My idea should reduce this incontinence. It is to adjust the scrolling speed automatically with the amount of information on the physical screen. For example, the movement speed is slow if a lot of characters are there. The movement speed is fast if few characters are there.

Fig.1 shows the sample of my idea. Logical screen is the screen which the application assumed, such as desktop display. Physical screen is the real screen of small device. ABC are characters on screen. A lot of characters are on one part of the logical screen. Few characters are on other part. For example, if the "Overview" button is pressed, the screen is scrolled from left-top position to right-bottom position within the logical screen. The user should want to scroll slowly if a lot of information is there to read, and understand this information carefully. On the other hand...