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Presentation twisties Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010604D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Dec-20
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Disclosed is the use of collapsable section in presentation software. Collapsable sections are used to suppress detail in the typical case, and reveal it dynamically when needed.

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Presentation twisties

  Disclosed is the use of collapsable section, "twisties" in presentation software. Twisties are used to suppress detail in the typical case, and reveal it dynamically when needed, and are common in software such as Lotus Notes. In Notes, the heading of the twistie is displayed, but text associated with the twistie is not displayed unless a user clicks on the twistie. For example, a twistie with suppressed text might look like:

> Suzy Smith's Organization

If a user clicks on that heading, the twistie expands, and might look like:

V Suzy Smith's Organization

Mark Johnson Jane Doe Paul Taylor

Clicking again on the twistie return the text to its original form.

The twistie concept has not been applied to presentation software such as Lotus Freelance graphics, but the concept is equally useful there. We disclose a new type of presentation widget, preferably implemented as a "twistie text box" that behaves like twisties in Notes behave -- that is, they suppress the detailed text by default, and expand in response to a click. A second click return.

We also disclose settable behaviors when the twistie is expanded. By default, the text box pops in front of anything covered by the expansion. Alternatively, it can be set to "pop behind" mode, where it shows up behind other objects, and "push up/down/left/right" modes where it moves objects accordingly. Similar properties will be apparent to those skilled in the art.

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