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Visual Job Ticketing: Stock Selection and Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010649D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jan-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jan-02

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Existing job ticketing solutions handle the management of stocks by either following a paper building or stock catalog approach. In the paper building approach users specify settings such as size, type, color and weight for a limited number (i.e., 10) of stocks - from a usability perspective this approach is good since it limits the number of stocks to a manageable level. However, paper building also has limitations, including: (1) it forces the user to define a new stock anytime one is needed for the current job, and (2) it prevents the user from providing descriptive stock names which forces the user to remember which stock specifies which attributes. The alternate approach, a stock catalog, is good since it allows users to name and define as many stocks as desired which is particularly useful when dealing with stocks used frequently. This approach however is limited since the list of stocks can become so long that it becomes prohibitively difficult for the user to find the stock they are looking for. The current invention improves over existing products by: 1. Using an approach similar to paper building for temporary stocks and the paper catalog approach for more permanent stocks 2. Making it easier to find the desired stock by: (a) providing a hierarchical stock selection control making it easier to find the target stock; (b) integrating stock attributes into the stock catalog and selection control 3. Provides administrators with access control over individual stocks