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Method for Selective Machine Translation of Host Applications Delivered Via the Web Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010715D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jan-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jan-15
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Disclosed is a method of selectively translating green screen (3270/5250) applications as they are delivered via the web. The disclosed method allows for manual partitioning of a host screen into translatable and non-translatable regions, so that before host screen data is converted into HTML, it is optionally sent through a machine translation service.

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  Method for Selective Machine Translation of Host Applications Delivered Via the Web

  One device for converting host applications into web applications is a screen transformation engine. This engine takes recognized host screens, extracts certain data regions into intermediary component objects, which are then processed by HTML widgets. The user interface for defining each screen transformation can be extended to allow for the designation of screen regions as translatable or non-translatable. This designation is then stored in the component object. The HTML widget can then use this designation and conditionally send off the textual data in the component object to a machine translation service. This widget can then use the translated text in its HTML rendering of the component. Please refer to the following data flowchart for an outline of the translating web-to-host application.


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