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GUI Image Snapshot Stabilisation System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010763D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jan-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jan-16
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In automated GUI (Graphical User Interface) test systems events are performed which cause some change to the GUI. Once the GUI change is complete the automated GUI test system will grab an image to compare with a known good image. In different environments the amount of time for the GUI change to complete will vary so we have a problem deciding how long to wait before grabbing the image. This invention provides a method to determine when the change is complete which will adapt to the speed of the environment the automated GUI test system is running in.

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GUI Image Snapshot Stabilisation System

In an automated GUI test system we need to take an image grabs of all or part of the screen after some trigger event which caused the screen contents to change. An example trigger event would be the hitting of a button that causes a file dialogue to appear. The problem is when to grab the image. After the trigger event has occurred it will take some time for the image to be grabbed to stabilise. This can depend on a number of factors such as the speed of the CPU, amount of RAM available on the computer, other software that is running concurrently. The standard solution is to provide a long delay before grabbing the image so you can be reasonably sure the image is stable. In this invention, once the trigger event has occurred an image grab is taken after a short delay. After another short delay a further image grab is taken and compared with the previous image. If they are the same we can be confident the image has stabilised. If not, a further cycle of image grab and compare with previous image occurs. After a predetermined number of mismatches is seen the system would give up and decide the image is always moving. The grabbed image is available very soon after the actual image has stabilised.

Allows the system to be used on different platforms without changing the delay before grabbing the image.

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