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Sealed for life automotive headlight module Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010771D
Publication Date: 2003-Jan-20
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The known automotive high-pressure discharge lamp is, as a separate product, inserted in the neck opening of the reflector part of the car headlight set. The lamp-to-outside world connections are only through this neck, so also both current conductors. The very high ignition voltage of the lamp thus necessitates a complicated, extensive connector with high material demands. The presently disclosed lamp is an integrated “sealed for life” light source module, including the burner and a compact reflector, and optionally the starter/gear features as well. This complete module is designed for being mounted into the car headlight set. The module offers the possibility to bring the upper lead-out wire to the outside world via the reflector side, resulting in a smaller, less demanding, so cheaper connector. Alternatively the upper lead-out wire can extend through the seal of the reflector and the front-glass, in this way avoiding a separate feedthrough in the reflector.