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Dialog Profiling

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Original Publication Date: 2003-Jan-21
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Dialog Profiling

Dialog Profiling

When introducing any piece of software to a new user, it seems to be an unavoidable process for the user to walk through a learning curve before knowing exactly how to use it . Introducing a graphical user interface (GUI) helps the user to become familiar with the software in a shorter period of time, thus flattenning the learning curve drastically.

A well-written GUI is thus very important to the software, and contributes a certain percent of the success of the software. This article introduces a new concept in implementing a GUI, which has been around for more than 2 decades.

Imagine you are a DBA or anyone who needs to use a given software any day, and each time you will need to fill in the same information, like database name, table name, processes id, your id, and etc... into a pretty complex dialog. Don't you feel bored? How wonderful it would be if you could save your dialog settings as if you save a file in the memory, which can be retrieved, updated and probably reused anytime you want! When you don't need it anymore, you can delete it as if you are deleting a file.

The dialog profiling is the way we would like to go, as it allows users to save their inputs under a named profile. The profile can then be retrieved by name, and to be used to populate a dialog.

The functionality of the profiling includes the followings: Save - save an existing profile after the user editing it. Save As - save an existing profile to a different name Retrieve - retrieve an existing profile Rename - rename an existing profile Delete - delete a profile Advance - more complex functions, for example allows the user to edit all the profile names at the same time
About - display information of the profile

The idea is to place a button in a dialog, and when you move the mouse to the button, the text "Dialog Profiling" will be displayed. The shape of the button can be an option to the user if we want to be fancy too.

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Figure 2 When the button is pressed, the list of options will be...