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Weatherable Articles Containing a Weatherable Skin and a Lower Cost Core

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010857D
Publication Date: 2003-Jan-28

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Described are molded weatherable articles with an outer skin of a weatherable resin and inner core of at least one second resin. Said articles are also recyclable by reason of the compatibility of skin with the core. Included are articles with a skin and a core comprising: at least one core resin and a skin layer thereon, said skin layer comprising a thermoplastic polyester different from said core material and comprising structural units derived from a 1,3﷓dihydroxybenzene organodicarboxylate. Also included are articles in which the skin layer comprises a block copolyestercarbonate. Also included are blends of polycarbonates, polyester carbonates, polyesters and polycarbonate copolymers with a copolymer comprising of structural units derived from a 1,3﷓dihydroxybenzene organodicarboxylate. In various embodiments articles are made by co-injection molding. Article compositions are resistant to loss of gloss and have excellent physical properties.