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AP Catalyst Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010868D
Publication Date: 2003-Jan-28

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Hua Guo


“GE AP Catalyst” is a solid catalyst generally useful for the production of a variety of alkylated phenolic compounds. By catalyzing reactions between phenol, substituted phenols, or substituted phenol compounds with methanol, ethanol, or higher aliphatic alcohols, “GE AP Catalyst” can improve the synthesis reaction leading to a variety of alkylated hydroxyaromatic compounds. The catalytic reaction is typically carried out as a vapor phase reaction at high temperature (400 to 460°C) over the solid heterogeneous “GE AP Catalyst” with the reactor being commonly either a packed bed or fluidized bed reactor. The catalyst is activated “in-situ” through a specific conditioning procedure. Potential advantages of “GE AP Catalyst” over other known catalysts for ortho-alkylation of phenolic compounds include superior methanol or other alcohols usage efficiencies, excellent ortho-alkylation selectivity, excellent catalyst activity and good catalyst lifetime.