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Flashlight as Accessory on Cellular Phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010905D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jan-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jan-30
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A flashlight as accessory for cellular phone is presented.

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Flashlight as Accessory on Cellular Phone

by Sandra Almog, Eran Goldschmidt and Nikola Kaludjerski


A flashlight as accessory for cellular phone is presented.


People sometimes find themselves in the darkness or low light conditions - like current supply failure, a dark street or another place with insufficient light. Usually

there is no alternative source of light available on hand.

Problem To Be Solved

The problem is that in the conditions mentioned above most people don’t have with them some addition source of light.

Proposed Solution to the Problem

We propose that due to the widespread use of cellular phones the opportunity for helping solving this problem can be a new accessory for cellular phone – flashlight. We describe its use in short.

A flashlight accessory includes an interface connector (for interfacing with the phone), reflector, 3 white LEDs that are cradled in the reflector of the flashlight, and a three-position switch: OFF, low intensity (1 LED ON) and high intensity (3 LEDs ON). The switch is located on the one side of the reflector housing in proximity to the interface connector. The cellular phone functions as a handle for the flashlight to be gripped in the palm of a hand, with the flashlight being activated, and projecting a beam of light opposite of the cellular phone, when the cellular phone is held in the palm of the hand and a finger of the hand depresses the ON/OFF switch of the flashlight. This accessory can be connected to...