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Light generation from an LED driven by a HID lamp Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011033D
Publication Date: 2003-Feb-11
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Light generation from an LED driven by a HID lamp

Proposed is to utilize light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are illuminated with the HID source to convert light to longer wavelengths and supplement the color rendering of the light source. Absorption of light from the visible to the ultraviolet may be used to excite electrons within the light emitting diode; the electrons can then loose energy through light emission. A cascade of junctions may be possible as the uv photon energy (6 eV) is larger than the photodiode bias (~1 volt). Schematically, a high energy HID photon absorbed by the LED assembly results in an excited electron that looses energy through photon emission (and other mechanisms).

This configuration is similar to a photodiode absorbing light (at the junction) creating a current to drive a light emitting diode. In this case the absorption need not occur at a junction, and the material may be tailored to more effectively absorb the HID incident radiation away from the junction areas.