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Press moulding process for UHP reflectors Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011197D
Publication Date: 2003-Feb-13
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To avoid loss of light in a lamp-reflector unit it is important that the opening in the neck of the reflector through which the burner extends into the reflector, is kept as small as possible. Such light losses occur when light from the burner falls into said opening. At present said opening is made after the reflector has been molded. Thereto, in known processes the opening is made via drilling or via a “hot-punch”. Drilling involves the disadvantage of an extra washing step, while “hot-punching” has the disadvantage that it is not possible for glass-ceramic reflectors. To counteract these disadvantages, it is proposed to use a movable “Mold-pen” which counteracts the presence of glass (glass-ceramic) during the press-molding process at the location of the neck opening to be formed. The pen is present in the mold when the material to be molded is brought into the mold, but is subsequently forced out of the mold by the plunger during the shaping of the reflector. Thus the disadvantages of the known processes are circumvented and a reflector with a relatively small opening can be relatively easily manufactured.