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Seamless work environment between disconnected machines via wireless input devices. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011376D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Feb-14
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Creating a Seamless work environment through a shared auxillary device

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  Seamless work environment between disconnected machines via wireless input devices.

      When working in an environment with multiple machines, it is beneficial to be able to share data, files, and other "clipboard" style information. Currently, the user must set up an IPC share on one machine, and move files over to the other as it exists on the network. Once on the other machine, the user must either switch to another mouse/keyboard, or use a cybex-style switch to work with the other machine. There is always a requirement that both machines are connected via a network of some sort. This creates a 'disjointed' work environment for the user.

      This invention creates a seamless work environment through a shared input device. For example, using a wireless mouse or keyboard a user would "copy" a file or data from one machine using the OS's built in methods and move over to another machine with the same mouse or keyboard and "paste" the file or information into a disconnected application using the OS's built-in mechanism for clipboard management. One implementation of this would be achieved in the following manner, using a Bluetooth enabled mouse as an example:

      A wireless mouse, using a high-bandwidth (1mbs) technology such as Bluetooth, would be set up to be associated with computer A and computer B via client installed software. The mouse would act as the standard pointing device for both machines. Selection of the active computer that the mouse would interact with would...