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Smart Evaporator Fan Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011383D
Publication Date: 2003-Feb-14

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The current invention uses an evaporator fan, 1, that contains an embedded microcontroller. The microcontroller is responsible for controlling the motor speed. Attached to the fan is a sensor, 3, capable of sensing the temperature of the air that the fan is moving, 2. Also attached to the fan is a sensor (i.e. current), 5, that can indicate the ON/OFF state of the refrigeration system compressor, 4 (i.e. when placed in series with the compressor motors, 6, power supply). The embedded microcontroller is capable of reading the attached sensors, 3 and 5, and controlling the fans output speed. An algorithm based on the logic in table 1 is programmed into the microcontroller. The algorithm will keep the fan running at a high speed (may be optimized for a given cabinet design) while the compressor motor is in the energized state. The fan will reduce its energy consumption by runnig at a low speed (may be optimized for a given cabinet design) as soon as: 1) the compressor motor turns off and, 2) the air being pushed through the evaporator remains cold enough to cause freezing within the heat exchanger (temperature may be optimized for a given evaporator design). When the air temperature rises high enough to prevent freezing on the evaporator the fan can be turned off completely, further reducing energy consumption.