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Aerodynamic adjustable features in multi-channel diffuser for turbomachine Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011387D
Publication Date: 2003-Feb-16
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Ralf Greim Maurus Herzog

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A diffuser for a turbomachine is divided into multiple channels by guide vanes, which are attached to an inner and outer diffuser ring by means of support struts. The guide vanes and support struts are typically placed and oriented such that the flow of the turbine exhaust through the diffuser is optimised for a selected operating state of the turbine. The diffuser then operates optimally for the selected turbine operating state. In order to optimise the diffuser's operation for further turbine operating states, the guide vanes and support struts are realised with an aerodynamic self-adjusting profile, which alters its shape according to the current flow of the turbomachine exhaust thereby minimising the flow resistance.