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Drum type turbomachine with reaction blading Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011388D
Publication Date: 2003-Feb-16

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Ralf Greim Said Havakechian


In turbomachines such as turbines and compressors, a leakage flow between vane tips and rotor or between blade tips and casings is typically controlled by labyrinth seals. In case of drum type turbomachines with a reaction type blading losses occur on account of the reconvergence of the leakage low with the main flow whereby the amount of loss is proportional to the size of the angle between the direction of the leakage flow and that of the main flow. In order to minimise such losses, approximately axial borings are directed through blade roots allowing the leakage flow emerging from the labyrinth seal to flow through the boring and reconverging with the main flow at a reduced angle. The flow through the boring is favoured by a greater pressure drop across the boring. The borings can also be applied to the control of the leakage flow between blade tips and housing.