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Medical Lead System and Method for Insertion into the Spinal Cord

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011389D
Publication Date: 2003-Feb-17
Document File: 4 page(s) / 49K

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Medical lead systems with a number of improvements are disclosed. A lead introducer (epidural needle) with a slit along the length of the cannula allows implantation of non-isodiametric leads and/or connectors. Lead designs that include an offset may be used with the slit cannula. The introducer or stylet may be removed while monitoring stimulation. The introducer and lead may be rotated independently or as a unit, and the angle of rotation of the lead/introducer unit may be measured. Integral suture sleeve (lead anchor) designs include incorporation into the lead body and/or into the offset. The offset also facilitates use of a lead that has a through-hole at the distal tip. The various improvements result in more accurate lead placement, decreased implantation time, improved lead steerability and torqueability, increased lead reliability and stability, and decreased lead breakage, among other things.