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Data Reduction for Line Chart Display Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011395D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Feb-18
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A program is disclosed that reduces the amount of data transferred to a Chart Display screen while maintaining most of the information that was included in the original line chart. The on-screen space required for the chart display is reduced. Value range, local trend, and an event contained in a group of raw data points are represented by a vertical bar. The bar width is smaller on one side to indicate a trend. Color coding of one side of the bar is used to indicate an event in the raw data.

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Data Reduction for Line Chart Display

The essence of the data display method presented here is: - keep the total range information (from min to max) - indicate the local trend of raw data groups - show any control limit violation contained in the raw data

    This method reduces processing power and communication bandwidth requirements. It can be used with limited display resolution. The resulting display output is even easier for the user to apprehend because it does not require scrolling or zooming to view the complete information.

    Data reduction is achieved by combining a group of raw data points into a vertical bar that represents the range of the data. The bar also indicates the local trend of the raw data group by showing a smaller bar portion at the end that marks the trend of the raw data group. If there is an out of control event caused by any of the raw data points, this is indicated by colour marking the end of the bar according to a high or low control limit exception. The figure illustrates the data reduction method. Instead of paging within a wide Line Chart made of thousands of data points as shown at the top of the figure, the range bars with trend and control limit violation information included, present a comprehensive overview of the data.

Disclosed by International Business Machines Corporation

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