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A Method of Local Mobile Subscriber IP Packet Routing for Multiple GPRS Packet Data Contexts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011400D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Feb-18

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Joseph E. Baum


GPRS Wireless Data Systems define, ultimately through the Sub-network Dependant Convergence Protocol (SNDCP), the ability to create multiple Packet Data conduits between fixed-end wireline networks and multiple Mobile Compute devices which commonly employ the same Subscriber Unit. When these conduits, or Packet Data Sessions, are created and employed, a logical separation of packet data traffic occurs for each Mobile Compute device through to the selected fixed-end wireline network, specifically when an encapsulating protocol such as Point-to-Point Protocol (over some media) is implemented between the Subscriber Unit and Mobile Compute device. The opportunity to IP route user messages occurs only at the Mobile Compute device and just inside the selected fixed-end wireline network. For the intents of this publication, Mobile Compute devices are synonymous with Mobile Computers such as palm tops or laptop as well as internal applications in the Mobile Subscriber. The publication describes a method of locally routing IP packets between Mobile Computers and/or Internal Applications for a plurality of concurrently IP addressed IP networks in a topologically correct and secure manner.