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Method of operation to access all level folders or files effectively Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011404D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Feb-19
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This invention aims at the improvement of the operability for accessing objects in GUI environment. This invention lists objects, which exist in all level under a node by the kind. Without knowing where target object is and its name beforehand, user can access it.

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JP820020685 Koichiro Kato/Japan/IBM Yuhta Nakamura, Kentaroh Noji

Method of operation to access all level folders or files effectively

  For accessing target object (file, folder, in case of application server, web module, EJB module, etc..), an operator usually knows where the object exists beforehand, or follows the tree structure until reaching the object. When users may not know where the object exists beforehand, they try to search objects based on its kind. However, in case of searching objects by the kind, tree structure is not the appropriate interface. This invention offers an interface which lists all objects under a node, by the object kind. The operator can carry out object search quickly and briefly by using this interface.

The operator manages objects in the administration console in middleware, such as WebSphere Application Server. For example, operations for objects are to start and stop server, installation of application, etc. Usually, operators search for an object by using a tree structure in the management console. The current management screen of WebSphere Application Server is described below.

An object is displayed in the tree layered structure. The above administration console offers a user interface based on tree structure. This interface is good if users have already known the tree structure. For example, the above console shows that the server is created at...