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(BMP) Group purchase system on network using annotation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011415D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Feb-19

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We propose the new model through the asynchronous communication using annotation on network for the following case: two or more detached people (discrete group) determine purchase of goods, such as a present or a travel package, or reservation of the restaurant or lodging (goods). The service which can perform opinion exchange smoothly within a discrete group is offered, and it is performed by adding each one of opinions as annotation on a network. The final selection of purchase is suggested by majority, the score system, etc. as a result of opinion exchange. Moreover, since the data of the opinion exchange to decision making are accumulated as annotation, the data is useful. The service provider and user of this model are as follows. provider: manager of service site (service provider) user: discrete group of a goods buyer (customer), and goods seller (store) A service provider side provides this service for store, with a charge. A store side can acquire a comment, a request, etc. of a customer to goods by referring to the opinion to a customer's decision-making. And it can also acquire more effective data by two or more stores share those information. Furthermore, suitable information can be also offered in the middle of decision-making if a store side also participates in opinion exchange. A customer side can make decisions easily.