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Method to force the reload of cached child pages if parent page is reloaded Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011542D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Feb-28
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This article discusses an algorithm by which when parent pages are reloaded in the cache of a World Wide Web browser client, the associated child pages will automatically get reloaded.

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Method to force the reload of cached child pages if parent page is reloaded

Most web pages contain links to other pages, and when visited, these "child" web pages along with their parent page are cached in the client computer's local browser cache. Often, users will leave a web browser online for several hours at a time. However for some web pages, their inherent content such as news or data quotations constant changes. When the user goes to the frequently viewed web page, it is highly likely that an older, cached page will be displayed. For time sensitive web pages, users know they must perform a force reload of the page. This reload pulls the web page from the server and places the displayed page in the browser's cache directory. Currently, if the parent web page is reloaded then the associated child pages remain the original cached pages. This disclosure provides a method in which the reload of a parent page will force reload all it's child web pages.

Through the browser's cache history, a child page's relationship to a parent web page can be determined. The cache will be searched for the child web pages when the parent web pages is reloaded. The user can set preferences to have the child page reloaded in the following ways:

(1) Child web page is deleted from the cache when the parent is reloaded. This forces the child pages to be reloaded when visited.
(2) Child pages are automatically reloaded in the background. These pages are flagged to be reloaded. Once th...