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Hyperlink Presentation System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011568D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-05
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Hyperlink Presentation System

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Hyperlink Presentation System

Presentations that utilize current technology are typically composed of a personal computer attached to an LCD projector. This system allows the presenter to display images from the personal computer onto a wall or screen. The presenter will use some type of input device (PC keyboard, mouse, wireless controller) to advance through the presentation. Current presentation technology is one dimensional. The user must follow a linear pattern (next slide or previous slide) when showing the presentation. The invention allows presentations to become three dimensional. Users will be able to link several sub-pages for every slide in the presentation and will have the ability to navigate these pages with programmed hyperlinks. Consider the following example:

Typical presentation slide:



Point 1

Point 2

Point 3


When the presentation is created, the user defines hyperlinks for each of the three points. The user must also define hyperlink targets for each of the three points. This will allow the user to select one of the points from the screen and jump to a new location in the presentation. The hyperlink can link the selected point to another page in the current presentation, a media file, other programs, an internet address, etc.

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