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System and method for automatically downloading and installing hyperlinks on a document through a network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011569D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-05
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According to the disclosed system, data required to create hyperlinks of a document stored on a client computer is accessed on the Web in a Hyperlink Collection File associated to this document, using an URL encoded in the filename of this document, each time this document is open.

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  System and method for automatically downloading and installing hyperlinks on a document through a network

The main objective of the disclosed system consists in creating, storing and keeping updated the information required to generate hyperlinks of a distributed document, from a central repository such as a Web server, from which centrally managed and updated hyperlink information could be accessed and retrieved. This information required to generate hyperlinks is stored in a server file (Hyperlink Collection File) that network address, or URL, is encoded in the filename of this distributed document. This information is accessed each time this distributed document is open.

    The method used for automatically generating the hyperlinks of a document stored on a client computer, from the associated Hyperlink Collection File, comprises the steps of:
selecting and opening a document on the client computer; getting the filename of the selected document; determining if a URL corresponding to an Hyperlink Collection File is encoded in the document's filename; extracting and decoding the URL of the Hyperlink Collection File; accessing and retrieving the Hyperlink Collection File; for each item of the Hyperlink Collection File, parsing the document to locate and mark the item of the document as an hyperlinked item e.g.,

by underlining it.


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Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) Advanced Computational and Information Sciences Directorate Ballistics Ballistic Research Laboratory Bush differential analyzer : : Moore School of Electrical Engineering : :

: : Weapons Technology Directorate


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