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Blocking protection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011606D
Publication Date: 2003-Mar-10
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"Blocking protection"


When the (blocked-)load-current measured over a period of time, exceeds a given maximum, the load is switched off electronically to prevent appliance damage and an blocking- indication is shown on the display. The display information is combined with a cleaning- reminder to emphasize cleaning and/or a check of the load is needed (blocking of the load is most often due to pollution or load damage).


The circuitry exists of a microcontroller with;
· an On / Off output for control of an electronic switch, represented by Switch,
· an Analog-to-Digital Convertor with input ANI (x). This input of the Analog-to-Digital Convertor, is the output of the control circuit. This control circuit 'translates' the Rsense voltage, which is proportional to Battery current, to a voltage range that the Analog-to-Digital Convertor can work with.

If the microcontroller detects that the 'translated' current flow, caused by switching on the load (represented by Motor) exceeds a given value due to the cause of pollution or blocking of the load, the microcontroller will actively switch off the load and display a cleaning reminder in combination with a blocking indication.

The user can undo the problem by cleaning the load or replacing it with a not damaged one, and operate the appliance as before.






control circuit





On / Off


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