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Automatic Software Dignostics and Resolution System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011623D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-10

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Rafael Diaz


Today’s small, embedded devices such as PDA’s, compact PC’s, 2-way radios, cameras, and cell phone devices have become more and more complicated in both hardware and software components. Specifically, the software in these devices is increasing more and more complex. With this increase complexity comes software issues that are nearly impossible to discover up front during testing before the device leaves the factory. Also, specific factors that can only be duplicated in the field will arise that the testers cannot duplicate in the lab. The result is that software defects in the field will occur and currently, there’s no automatic way for the device to be able to diagnose itself when a problem does occur and have the ability to repair itself when it is possible to do so in the field. This white paper will describe in some detail a method for a communication device to automatically detect a defect/or operational error within its own operating software and automatically attempt to correct this defect or operational error through a series of inquiries of an online knowledge based system. Furthermore, this paper will automatically acquire a known solution (if it exists) and repair itself by automatically downloading the said fix to itself through the network. This paper furthermore describes the method of also presenting the user with alternatives if the exact fix is not discovered and can download workaround solutions or help text showing the user how to get around a known issue until the real solution is found by engineers from the device’s manufacturer.