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Light Diffusion of Tospearl®

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011624D
Publication Date: 2003-Mar-10

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Tospearl is a line of silicones that are widely used in cosmetics to provide slip, lubricity, soft and powdery skin feel, improved spreadability, as well as matte finish and soft focus or line blurring effects. Tospearls are dense spherical silicones with narrow particle size distributions. They are commercially available in different particle sizes ranging from 2-12 microns. In this study, the soft focus effects of Tospearls were determined by (diffused) transmittance or haze and (scattered) reflectance. A relationship was discovered between Tospearl particle size and soft focus effect. Small particle size Tospearl gives better soft focus and more matte finish than large particle size Tospearl. A similar relationship between Tospearl particle size and soft focus was observed in Tospearl containing emulsions. The GE Optical Material Calculator is a software program that enables one to calculate haze value by entering contributing factors such as particle size, percent load, and particle refractive index. It was used to predict haze values of neat Tospearl particles and Tospearl containing emulsions. The models fit well with measured values for both systems. The GE Optical Material Calculator was further used to predict the level of impact of various factors on soft focus.