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Improved land pattern for 300 pins MSA connector Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011636D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-11
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Disclosed is a land pattern for optical transponders which pin assignment is standardized according to "300 pin MSA" (300 pin Multi Source Agreement; web site The land pattern for the "300 pin MSA" connector disclosed in this article permits a good filtering of the various supply voltages of the optical transponder seated on said connector.

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Improved land pattern for 300 pins MSA connector

The connector counts 300 balls on ten columns (from A to K w/o I) and thirty rows from 1 to 30. Balls pitch is 1.27mm and thus solder lands have the same pitch. Due to the high amount of I/O to be routed, multilayers PCB is generally used with this kind of components. So all above mentionned solder lands are connected to vias thru dog bones, themselves connected to the relevant signal or supply voltage associated to pin (ball). In other words, vias also have a pitch of 1.27mm (Figure 1).



300 pin MSA connectorStandard Land pattern


Figure 1

    The optics plugged on the connector require the best possible filtering. That means that the filtering capacitors have to be settled as closed as possible to the power supply pin and to the ground pin.

    With a standard land pattern with vias having a pitch of 1.27mm, these lasts have to be very small typically in 0201 package (2 mils*1mils).

    These kind of components because of their small size needs a special assembly process either manuel or special pick and place tooling what isn't cost effective.

    Accordingly, land pattern for "300 pin MSA" connector needs to be modified so that it is possible to solder capacitors with a bigger package as closed as possible to the power supply pin and to the ground pin. This is achieved as explaned below:

    The "300 pin MSA" pin out is following: all power supply balls are located in column F while some ground pins are located on...