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A good copper remaining ratio for SLC chip carrier pattern plating Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011705D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-12
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This invention is about piece layout of PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) manufacturing panel for conductor thickness uniformity improvement. Circuit density uniformity and plating area of PCB manufacturing panel is important factor for circuitization with semi-additive plating. To uniform and to enlarge plating area improve plating thickness uniformity. Piece layout in this invention disclosure is described to uniform and enlarge plating area.

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A good copper remaining ratio for SLC chip carrier pattern plating

   Copper plating thickness with semi-additive circuit can be adjusted with adjusting current density of copper plating which is calculated from plating area and the target thickness . In case of the plating area is small the thickness uniformity become bad. Dummy pattern which is placed on outside of work area should be added to increase total plating area and to improve plating thickness uniformity. But there is cases that dummy pattern can't be added due to layout design.

The purpose of this invention is enlarge of plating area.

This invention increase total plating area on a side of board in the case that one side of piece has large copper area and the other side of piece has small copper area. Although layout is normally designed as the same side of piece face to same direction, front side and back side (1:front, 4:back in the drawing below) of piece are placed mutually like hound's tooth in this  invention (refer drawing).  Copper area of front side and back side of board are same under this layout. Plating area  of the side which had small plating area become larger than before. The piece which has  small copper area gets copper area from the neighboring piece which has large plating  area.

There are several combination of this layout which is described drawing be...