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An improved method for copying & pasting data between documents Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011713D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-12
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A system for copying/pasting data between two documents active on a computer system at the same time. A new menu item is made available in application context-sensitive menus every time an object (text, image, etc.) is selected in a document. This menu item allows to access a submenu with a list of documents currently open in the same application or other application active on the system. Choosing a document in the list has the effect of pasting directly the selected text or object at the end of that document. .

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An improved method for copying & pasting data between documents

The normal procedure for copying and pasting an object between two open documents ("source" and "target") is the following:

Select the object into source;

Choose "Copy" from application or context menu of source window;

Set focus on the target document window (typically by clicking on an inactive window

or on a tab) Choose Paste from the application menu or context menu of the target document






If users have to copy several objects (this may be the case if they are scanning a document and copying some sections of their interests into another document) , this procedure can be quite annoying.

    The invention let users to copy and paste objects with just one click, so that this kind of process become a lot quicker.

    In order to accomplish this purpose, the source application will provide a new menu item called "Paste to". If user select this item, a new submenu is issued containing a list of potential target applications that are suitable to receive the selection as a pasted object. Selecting one item from this menu will paste immediately the object into the selected target at the insertion point The following Figure depicts the proposed interface:

Figure . Usage example

    When user displays the context-menu on a selection, the new "Paste to" menu item is displayed. If selected, it shows a submenu with the list of applications enable to receive the selection. If user selects for example "MyDoc -...