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Headset Light Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011749D
Publication Date: 2003-Mar-12
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The Headset Light invention is a headset with a very bright LED at the end of the microphone boom. The LED lens points in teh direction the user is looking. This provides light in emergency circumstances, power outages, or dark surroundings, for various types of users. The LED has enough power to last through emergencies.

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Title: � Headset Light

The invention is a headset with a very bright LED at the end of the microphone boom.� The LED lens is pointed in the direction the user is looking.

Description of the problem this invention solves:

During municipal power outages, facilities without a backup power supply are unable to complete phone transactions electronically.� With this invention, operators will be able to easily see in order to complete the transaction with pen and paper.� Emergency communications operators can use it to shine light on clipboards and paperwork when they are outside or in a dark vehicle instead of having to use a flashlight.

Previous Solutions for the Problem

        � � � � � � � � � � � Previously, operators were either left in the dark or had to scramble to find a flashlight which was cumbersome to hold while writing.�

Description of the Invention        � � � � �

     A high intensity LED is mounted at the tip of the microphone boom to provide the light.� The current model uses a high intensity blue LED, and provides enough light to illuminate paper in the dark over 4 feet away.� Three 1.5V button cells for a total voltage of 4.5 volts provide the power source for the LED. The current draw is .026 mA, using 384 type alkaline button cells at 42 mAh each. The light will last long enough for emergencies.�


� This invention will help users find a flashlight in the dark.� If the user is on the phone with a customer when regular lighting goes out, the LED allows the user to find...