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(RSS) Platen Clip for easy Image Sensor Replacement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011752D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-12
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In designing the 4610-TI8 printer, there were several concepts and ideas which were thought of to minimize production cost and labor. One of those ideas was creating a Platen Clip in place of having a Platen Shaft. The Platen Clip can both hold the image scanner in place and provide a latching point for closing the Paper Cover. It is also designed such that it can be easily removed for either replacing the image scanner or replacing itself when needed.

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(RSS) Platen Clip for easy Image Sensor Replacement

  This Platen Clip was designed specially for the 4610-TI8 Printer. This part replaces the original platen shaft, which are used in the original model TI3 and TI4 printers. The main reason for designing this special clip was to eliminate the process of disassembling the whole Crabtree parts when replacing the Image Scanner. The Platen Clip is designed so that it is easily removable from the platen, which holds the image scanner. The clip has two functions: 1) it holds the image scanner in place and steady for scanning checks/documents, 2) it also provides the latch for the Paper Cover to latch close. The easiness of replacing the Image Scanner will reduce cost in production as well as operation during service calls/assistance.

    This invention solves the problem of having to disassemble much of the printer when replacing the Image Scanner. This will become a big hassle for both the customers as well as service people, as it will take away precious time. It also eliminates a need for a tool when replacing the scanner, as it can be taken out by lifting the two latches that holds the scanner in place, which also means non-technical people can perform the operation of replacing the scanner.

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    In the event that the Platen Clip breaks, it can be easily replaced without touching or removing any...