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Mux for PCI-X initialization patterns Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011753D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-12
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This disclosure discusses working around PCI-X host bridge problems with initializing PCI-X adapters.

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Mux for PCI-X initialization patterns

      In order to guarantee that the correct PCI-X initialization pattern is driven to a PCI-X device coming out of reset, a PCI hot plug controller (HPC) can drive the initialization pattern to each device. Some solutions to this problem have the hot plug controller driving the PCI-X init pattern (comprised of the stop_n, trdy_n, and devsel_n signals) to the entire bus, and not just an individual device. A different method can be used to isolate these signals for each individual device.

  You can place a multiplexor on the init pattern signals. On one input side you can have the stop_n, trdy_n, and devsel_n signals coming from the PCI-X host bridge. On the other side those signals can come from the

  HPC. The HPC would also control the steering of the mux. This would allow the HPC to drive these signals during a hot plug event, and then steer control of the signals
over to the host bridge device.

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