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Volume control via environmental noise detection for Self Checkout Machines Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011756D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-12
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Self-Adjusting Volume for Self-Checkout Devices which Varies Based Upon Environmental Noise Levels

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Volume control via environmental noise detection for Self Checkout Machines

      Disclosed is an invention which is an improvement to self checkout systems in a retail store. The invention describes a method for a group of closely located self checkout machines to adjust their volume settings (up or down) based upon the noise level of the surrounding environment, additionally taking into account the noise produced by the partner machines so that the devices do not
compete with one another.

  Self checkout systems typically communicate to customers via pre-recorded voice instructions or information to assist the shopper complete their checkout with a minimum amount of assistance from store personnel. The systems are ideally designed for users who range in use experience from novice to expert, and providing the novice level of instruction to the customer is almost always provided (if by no other means via a help process).

  The noise level in a typical supermarket may range from relatively quiet to extremely noisy depending on the business present at
the front end.

  Since many installations of self checkout systems position the checkouts physically close to one another, and since the system is intended to increase the volume of the output as the environmental noise increases, care must be taken in designing a proper

  In a simple implementation, there may be one noise monitoring device, which determines the noise level of the area the self checkout systems are located in during the short time period where none of the self checkout machines are playing audio. In a more advanced system, the noise monitoring device might constantly measure the noise level and "correct" for the noise which is actually generated by the self checkout machines themselves. In both cases, the system needs to be aware of...