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Multi-Feature Execute Command. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011759D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-12
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This bean will execute specified command within specified time. If it cannot complete its operation within limited time, then it will prompt user to continue or exit the operation. Success or unsuccess criteria is verified through log files generated through execution of the program.

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Multi-Feature Execute Command.

Disclosed is an Execute Command java bean, which can be used to execute commands silently and send back result or logging information to caller on any platform.

Execute command java bean has been developed to execute any command. Apart from execution of the command, it checks the status in log file for success or failure or command. Programmer can specify multiple successful or unsuccessful strings. If program finds any of the string then it returns search result. Programmer can specify timeout period until which program can be executed. If timeout occurs then it asks user whether user wants to wait or not. If user chooses not to wait then it stops the process of executing the command.

Based on results, program can take further action. This bean was written specifically for installation purpose, though it can be useful in any application where some program / command has to be executed and get back result in specific time.*ISMP (Install-Shield MultiPlatform) is used for installation. ISMP has developed ExecActionBean to execute any command. That bean has basic functionality of executing any specified command. It does not tell any success/failure, so user does not get any idea about successful completion of command. If for some reason command execution gets hung up, then the user has no choice but to kill whole process.

Execute Command has overcome all limitations due to exec bean developed by ISMP. This bean logs all activity. Thus i...