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Maintaining Cluster Aliases on Servers in a Heterogeneous Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011768D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-13
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Maintaining Cluster Aliases on Servers in a Heterogeneous Environment.

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Maintaining Cluster Aliases on Servers in a Heterogeneous Environment

    When using Network Dispatcher in large, possibly heterogeneous, configurations maintaining the aliases of cluster addresses on the servers becomes difficult and time consuming. The problem is compounded when maintaining the cluster aliases for multiple users or customers. The problem is solved by implementing a web based administration tool. The tool presents, on the web page, a list servers with the corresponding clusters that are currently aliased on that server which can be added and deleted with a few clicks. By centralizing the administration and working in the heterogeneous environment, for multiple users or customers, administration of cluster aliases becomes extremely manageable and quick. The maintaining of clusters is done by use of PERL script and a CGI PERL-based web page. When the user goes to the administration page they have the following choices: adding and deleting servers to maintain, updating servers with the current configuration, and adding and removing clusters. The user enters a user name and the corresponding clusters they want to maintain. Then they select the appropriate server update button(update all servers or update selected servers). The CGI script then sends the updated list of clusters to the selected servers. The PERL script running of the server checks periodically to see if the clusters data file has been updated. If it has been updated then the script adds a...