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Method to Capture and Playback Binary Unique Data in Test Tools Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011769D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-13
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This will document a method, using industry standard test tools based on 'capture' technology, to playback features of your application that are not consistent between test runs.

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Method to Capture and Playback Binary Unique Data in Test Tools

With current test tools in the marketplace (Loadrunner, Rational), there are methods to do a GUI capture record, then playback. Test tools tend to store the captured data in two formats (ie -files) simultaneously. One is human-readable (like C code) the other is stored in an ascii file to represent the winsock hex data that was passed during the transaction. The winsock hex file is not obvious to the user as it happens under the covers of the GUI. These two files are used simultaneously by the test tool during playback to simulate a transaction of some type. It is also important to note that the concept of 'buffers' are used in these files to hold a certain amount of data - usually corresponding to a gui click.

The problem occurs while performing a capture on a program if the data captured in the winsock hex file had unique data in it - this could be in the form of session ID or other. During playback, the test tool would fail because during record it had captured only the one session ID, however while repeating during playback, the program being captured wanted another session ID. Hence a failure because the data passed to the program was not expected by the program therefore producing an unwanted result.

The process solution is as follows:
1. do a capture record on your application twice
2. do a file compare on the two hex winsock files created (one per capture)
3. note which buffer in the winsock fil...