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Sametime Seamless N-Way Machine Translation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011803D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-17
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Sametime Machine Translation usage for an N-way chat system to operate seamlessly.

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Sametime Seamless N-Way Machine Translation

The invention solves the problem by turning translation on when declaring your Source Language as a person in the N-way conversation and having the server perform the appropriate translation for transmission. Here is a diagram

R represents the Chat information received by a User, T represents a Transmission to a User. The User declares his/her Source Language, for User A this would be "en" (English). If User A sends out a message the server will deliver it to N-Way users and concatenate the Source receive declared language to the Source transmission language to select the correct Machine Translation to translate the message when delivering it to a User in the N-Way communication. For example, User A is "en" and the server receives a message to transmit to the N-Way conference. For User A to User B the formula is

"en" + "de" = ende for translating the message from Engish to German, this result is used by the Machine Translation Server to select the appropriate engine and translate the message and deliver it to User B. For User A to User N the formula is

"en" + "fr" = enfr which results in using the English to French engine. User A has communicated to User B in German and User N in French simply by declaring the language. If no language is declared the Translation Service is not turned on. Overall, the original text received and the


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