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Use of a static display on a Thinkpad/Laptop to show calendar information while the laptop is off Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011815D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Mar-18
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Disclosed is a device which enhances a standard clamshell laptop with a static display. The display offers a different power cycle to the normal laptop display thereby allowing information to be constantly available at times when the laptop is powered off or on standby.

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  Use of a static display on a Thinkpad/Laptop to show calendar information while the laptop is off

When a laptop is taken to a large number of meetings, typically, at the end of a meeting, it is necessary open up the machine, unsuspend it, find a calendar, figure out the next meeting location and then suspend. If late, this has to be done whilst walking, which is not easy. A PDA could be carried, but hands are taken up by the laptop and pockets may be already full. What is needed is some solution that uses a laptop but is not obtrusive and works instantly even when the power is suspended. One solution would be to attach a static powerless display (such as e-ink paper ( to the lid of the laptop. While the laptop is and open the static display is blank, but at suspend time, or when the lid is closed, the latest calendar and to-do list are downloaded and displayed.

     The static display operates on a different model to the normal display screen. Firstly, because it is displaying simple black and white information, it can be cheaper, but also it doesn't need the refresh rate of a normal LCD display, as the information is very static. However, it must be able to remain displaying while the power is off. The display only needs to display useful information when the laptop lid is closed. When the lid is open it could be blank or display a user-defined pattern or picture to allow users to "personalise" their laptops. The static display has its own memory and subsystem, which is connected to the main laptop by a connection such as USB. At regular intervals, while the laptop is on...