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Compression Handover and Decompression Handover in Conjunction with Power Control in AMR Mobile Networks with respect to QoS Requirements Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011821D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Apr-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Apr-25

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A lot of experience has been gained with Power Control in GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) networks. With the introduction of AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec) and the attractive possibility of switching between AMR full-rate (AMR FR) and AMR half-rate (AMR HR) codec modes as an additional capacity boost, the interaction between both functionalities - Power Control and dynamic switching between full-rate (FR) and half-rate codec (HR) modes - is revisited for an upgrade and properly adjusted for optimum performance. Optimum performance is achieved by taking into account Quality of Service (QoS) principles, to ensure that premium users always achieve best conditions. The aim of this invention is to link together the algorithms of Power Control and compression/decompression handover and thus to provide an optimum interworking between both functionalities. This invention describes how the compression/decompression handover is linked to the well established Power Control algorithm. For the interworking between power control and compression/decompression handover in AMR systems link adaptation, a fundamental AMR feature, has also to be taken into account. Link adaptation reacts much faster to changes in radio conditions, thus representing a short-term control loop. Related to the longer averaging period and the impacts on the system’s performance, power contol and compression/decompression handover are long-term control actions. From the long-term perspective link adaptation ensures a ‚virtual’ monolythic AMR codec composed of the best working ranges of the codec modes in the Active Codec Set (ACS). Consequently link adaptation can be regarded as an autonomous functionality that does not interact with power contol or compression/decompression handover. Generally, for decision on compression/decompression handover, the power reduction due to power control shall be added to the current C/I value. Handover from AMR FR to AMR HR (compression handover) shall generally be executed if both, uplink (UL) and downlink (DL) at the same time, fullfill the primary condition (measurement C/I is a different entitiy for both links but not marked as such in the following for the sake of simplicity)