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Method for Inductive Charging of a Headset Battery Using the Speaker Coil Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011872D
Publication Date: 2003-Mar-20

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Patent/Patent Application:
5,959,433 5,903,134


This concept would allow device battery recharging without the need to complete any direct electrical connection between the device (headset or handset) and its power adapter or base station. It is possible to safely and easily transfer relatively low amounts of power (i.e. enough for a low power headset) using an inductive coupling method where no direct electrical connections are needed. This charging/connection method is previously disclosed and understood. (See patent filings such as 5,959,433 and 5,903,134.) The aspect which is new in this disclosure is the concept to design the headset device such that the existing speaker coil can be used as the pick-up coil for the charging circuit on the device side. Within the headset would exist a circuit for rectifying the induced voltage on the two speaker wires and charge the battery(s).